Vernomatic and Metal Forever Mark intro the new Metal Mayhem ROC Episode 1 , show segments include Mount Rushmore of Metal, Streaming for Vengeance, Metal Minute and Back in the Day!

Metal Mayhem Episode 2

Show segments include Fire or Ice (Judas Priest v Iron Maiden), Metal Minute, Streaming for Vengeance and Metal Confessions!

Metal Mayhem ROC Episode #3

Metal Mayhem ROC Episode #3, Last in Line, M3 , Overkill preview, Great Metal Debate, "Metal Mayhem " Homework & fact check , 

Metal Mayhem ROC Episode #4

Last in Line show preview & Buffalo show re-cap, Metallic Tribute band Four Hourseman, M3 show re-cap, Overkill interview preview, discussion on new Priest Set List US summer tour!


Episode 5 Video

Metal Mayhem ROC Episode 5 video
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